Salta, Argentina - 22-12-1980

Translated to Asunción, Paraguay in 1985.

 Live and works in Madrid, Spain.


2020 Master Degree in Contemporary Art Research and Creation. Complutense University. Madrid, Spain. 

2017 Painting at the Art Students League of New York. N.Y.C., U.S.A.

2010 Degree in Fine Art. National University of Asunción, Paraguay. 

2007 Painting at the Art Student League of New York. N.Y.C., U.S.A. 

2006 Etching and woodcut. Brazilian Center of Asunción, Paraguay.

2005 Diploma in Paraguayan Culture. American University, Asunción, Paraguay.


Spanish (mother tongue)

English. C1 level. Paraguayan American Cultural Center. Asuncion, Paraguay. 

German. A2 level. BSI Sprachenschule, Berlin, Germany.

French. Level B1. French Alliance of Asunción. Asuncion, Paraguay.

Artistic Residences

2014 Marma Art Projects. Berlín, Alemania.

2010 La Citè Internacional des Arts. Paris, France.

International workspaces

2020 ¨Taller Bonus¨. Madrid, Spain ( current ) 

2019 Private studio. Asunción, Paraguay

2018 ¨Atelier¨. Miami, Florida U.S.A. 

2017 ¨Bonte Zwaan¨Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2017 August.House, Johanesburg, South Africa

2012-16 Private Studio. Barcelona, Spain

2007 The Art Students League of New York


III International Bienal of Asunción, Paraguay

Art Fairs

2017  ¨Goya Zone¨Contemporary Art Fair. Juan de Salazar Cultural Center. Asunción, Paraguay.

2013 ¨SWAB¨Contemporary International Art Fair. Barcelona, Spain.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2019 ¨Traffic Jam ¨en Saccaro. Asunción, Paraguay.

2018 ¨Life After¨ .Fábrica Art Gallery.  Curated by Damian Cabrera. Asunción, Paraguay.

2017 ¨Memories of recent trips¨. Bo Concept. Asunción, Paraguay.

2016 “Megawatts”. Casa Mayor Art Gallery. Curated by Adriana Almada. Asunción, Paraguay

2016   ̈Filogenia ̈.Migliorisi Foundation. Curated by Damián Cabrera.  Asunción, Paraguay.

2016    ̈Mess is More ̈. Fábrica Art Gallery. Curated by Fernando Moure. Asunción, Paraguay.

2015   ̈ Wellcome to you ̈. Citibank Cultural Center. Curated by Ana Martini.  Asunción, Paraguay.

2014   ̈A Big Load ̈. Fábrica Art Gallery. Curated by Fernando Moure.  Asunción, Paraguay.

2014   ̈A Big Load ̈ Espai.B Contemporary Art Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.

2012   ̈Como un cordero degollado ̈. Casa Mayor Art Gallery. Curated by Carlos Colombino.Asunción, Py.

2012   ̈97 Kilos ̈. Espai.B Contemporary Art Gallery.. Barcelona, Spain.

2010   ̈SUR/SUD ̈. Galerie Hebert Art Contemporain. Paris, France.

2010   ̈No seasons ̈.  Borges Cultural Center. Curated by  Carlos Colombino. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2009   ̈Recents paintings ̈. Verónica Torres Art Collection. Asunción, Paraguay.

2009   ̈Avatares de la forma ̈. Casa Mayor Art Gallery. Curated by Carlos Colombino. Asunción, Paraguay.

2008   ̈Recents paintings ̈. Verónica Torres Colección de Arte. Asunción, Paraguay.

2007  ̈Campo Proteico ̈. Casa Mayor Art Gallery. Curated by Carlos Sosa. Asunción, Paraguay.

Selected Group Exhibition

2019 ¨Annual of Latin-American Artist. Salon de los Pasos Perdidos of the Law University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2019 ¨Notebooks of artists, writers and critics / Protected scale. CAV / Museo del Barro. Asuncion, Paraguay.

2018 ¨ Luciano Benetton Collection. Contemporary Artist from Paraguay,  Image Mundi Ed.

2016 ¨Y-rembe ́y ¨ (Lips of water).  Juan de Salazar Cultural Center. Asunción, Paraguay.

2015   ̈50 Artist Paraguay ̈. Casa Mayor Art Gallery. Asunción, Paraguay.

2013  ̈Petit Format ̈. Espai.B Contemporary Art Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.

2013  ̈Inventari ̈.Espai.B Contemporary Art Galley. Barcelona, Spain.

2013 XXXVII Selection Bancaja. Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno IVAM. Valencia, Spain.


2013 Marma Art Projects. Selected artist for 2013 season in artist in residence. Berlín, Germany.

2008 First Price.  Henri Matisse Prix.  French Embassy in Paraguay.  Asunción, Paraguay.

2008 Selected Artist of the year by the Agency Nasta. Asunción, Paraguay. 

2006 Second Prix. Art Prix of the North American Cultural Center in Asunción, Paraguay.

2006 Second Prix of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin painting contest. Asunción, Paraguay. 

2004 Mention of Honor.. Baviera Young Art. Asunción, Paraguay.


2019 Serigraphic Processes. Pillow Latin America Asuncion, Paraguay.

2016 Seminary for cultural entrepreneurship in Germany. Cervantes Institute. Berlin Germany.

2007 Adobe Illustrator CS2. Multimedia Art School Da Vinci. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

 2004 ̈Seminary of Human Rights ̈. I.E.C.I.P.  Institute of Comparative Studies in Criminal and Social Sciences of Paraguay. Assumption.

2004 Diploma in Paraguayan Culture. American University. Asuncion, Paraguay.

2003 A Look at the History of Art. Cultural Center of Spain Juan de Salazar. Asuncion, Paraguay.

2003 Application of an Anthropology of the Economy. Andrés Barbero Ethnographic Museum. Asuncion, Paraguay.

2003 XXIII International Literature Symposium. Literary and Cultural Hispanic Institute. As. Py. 2002 The city as a place of art and object of the II International Forum of Visual Arts. As. Py.

   photo @nathplanas