Sebastian Boesmi, 1980án_Boesmi 

The mobile and baroque, fresh and fecund imaginary of Sebastián Boesmi  animates a universe in constant expansion with the diversity and eloquence of the signs in movement, the living cryptograms, the lines and the pulsating graphics and the colors loaded with dark and deep senses and musical pulses.


2017 Paintinghe Art Students League of New York. NYC, USA.
2016 Seminary for cultural entrepreneurship. Instituto Cervantes, Berlin, Germany. 2010 Bachelor of Fine Arts. National University of Asuncion. Asuncion, Paraguay.
2007 Painting and drawing with Robert Landsfield. The Art Students League of New York. NYC, USA.
2006 “Da Vinci” Multimedia Art School. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2004 Xylography and Engraving on metal. Center of Brazilian Studies. Asuncion, Paraguay.

Artistic Residences
2017 August.House, Johanesburg, South Africa. (Artist in residence for 1 month).
2014 Marma Art Projects. Berlin, Germany (artist in residence for 4 months).
2010 The Citè Internacional des Arts. Paris, France (artist in residence for 8 months).Prívate Studio
2018 Atelier. Miami, Florida. EE.UU.
2017 De BonteZwaan. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2012 - 2014 El Atunero. Barcelona, España.

International Art Fairs
2107 Zona Goya, Contemporary Art Fair. Juan de Salazar Cultural Center, Asunción, Paraguay.
2013 SWAB, Contemporary Art Fair. Invited by Espai.B Contemporary Art Gallery. Barcelona,Spain.

2008 - First Prize. Henri Matisse Prix. Embassy of France in Paraguay and French Alliance.
2008 - Selected “Artist of the Year” by the publicity agency Nasta. Asuncion, Paraguay.

2008 Second Price of the Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin painting contest. Asuncion, Paraguay.

2006 - Second Prize. Painting Contest of the Paraguayan-American Cultural Center. Asuncion, Paraguay.

Selected solo shows
September 2018 “Life After”. Fábrica Art Gallery. Curated by Damián Cabrera. As. Py. 

October 2016 “Megawatts” Casa Mayor Art Gallery. Asunción Paraguay. Curated by Adriana Almadain Asunción, Paraguay.
December 2016 “Filogenia” Migliorisi Foundation. Curated by Damián Cabrera. Asunción, Paraguay.
December 2016 “Mes is More” Fábrica Art Gallery. Curated by Fernando Moure. Asunción, Paraguay
February 2015 “Wellcome to you” Citibank Cultural Center. Curated by Ana Martini. Asunción, Paraguay.
May 2014 “A BIG LOAD”. Espai.B Contemporary Art Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.
April 2012 “97 Kg.”. Espai.B Contemporary Art Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.

May 2010 “SOUTH / SOUTH”. Galerie Hebert. Paris France.
January 2010 - “Without Stations”. Borges Cultural Center. Curated by Carlos Colombino, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

About my work

In my recent work I like to imagine and describe the tensions between humanity and animality, between culture and nature; Sometimes integrated and hostile to each other.

I immersed the characters in natural environments, in which the vegetation seems to advance over the fragments of civilization, confronting distant cities burned with different characters and situations that refer to a journey that crosses the technological variety and urban icons, towards images of hybrid beings - humanized animals and humans with animal attributes.

Mainly I am interested in the dialogue. I consider art a constant dialogue and a human transaction and the exchange of ideas and concepts are always very enriching. I think that when you talk to someone, you often do not remember everything they said, you do not remember the words, but how that person made you feel. The same happens with an image, when it does not matter what material or how it is made, it makes you feel something, when there is a real murmur in it, when there is something unique, essential and beautiful, it is when you remember it; This also applies to people, gardens, dogs, everyday objects in nature, with everything that complements us and the variety of objects with which we choose to live.