Current exhibition at the National Museum of Fine Art of Asunción, Paraguay

Asunción, IP Agency.- The exhibition "Contrapuntos, an intervention at two times", will be enabled from this Tuesday, October 13, at the National Museum of Fine Arts, located at Eligio Ayala No. 1,345 e / Pa'i Pérez and Curupayty.

This exhibition represents the intervention of contemporary art from the Mendonca Collection to the Museography of the Godoi Collection. The curatorship and exhibition are in charge of the artist Félix Toranzos, current director of Museums of the National Secretariat of Culture.

The exhibition will remain open until December 13, and will participate in the traditional Night of Museums, the organizers reported. It will be exhibited at the headquarters of the National Museum of Fine Arts, prior scheduling at (021) 211-578.

"Counterpoints, a two-stroke intervention" is an exhibition that consists of developing a kind of outpost of Contemporary Art to the Museography of the National Museum of Fine Arts, under the special care of the curator.

In that sense, Félix Toranzos recalled that in order to present it previously, the MNBA leadership was valued, with the purpose of hosting such a significant sample.

To do this, he explained that the tower's openings were painted and maintained, as well as painting on the walls and the interior dome, with carpeting and new lighting in the dome space, as well as painting in the access principal.